Moon Beach



February 10 - 12, 2017 


Moon Beach - Winter - All Generations - Retreat

Pictures from February 2016

So why consider going on retreat in the middle of the winter at a place with lots of snow and very cold weather? As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Retreat is about Sabbath – time to rest and relax and set aside the normal busyness of our lives.  This is the fireplace in the lodge at Moon Beach and two of our children – unplugged from electronic devices – watching the skill of our teens as they play a balancing game. 






Retreat is about finding God in slowing down and in the beauty of nature; about the feeling that you can almost reach out and touch the stars; about watching your breath as you walk out into the cold night air and contemplating a visual representation of the breath of God breathed into each and every one of us to give us life.   

Retreat is about being together, praying together, and playing together – about taking time to develop friendships and to be with family. 


It is about worship in an informal setting where our spirits are nourished, our minds challenged, and our playful nature released.

Retreat is about the exhilaration of flying down a steep hill on a sled and the energy expended to auger a hole in the thick ice. 


It is about an impromptu musical ensemble  . . . . finding a guitar that begs to be played . . . 











eating food lovingly prepared for us  . . . .

and counting our many blessings.




We will do it again next year. Don’t miss it!





Relax in the winter wonderland of northern Wisconsin

Enjoy the company of other church members - young and not so young

Eat well - rest easy - nurture your mind and spirit

Kids will love the sledding hill