2016 Art Show 



2015 Picnic

Sometimes It Rains

We had planned a church picnic with worship and games and art and music and fun at Kuckuk Park.  We had been announcing it for weeks and planning it for months.  And then it rained. 

Sometimes it rains.  But that didn’t stop us.  We moved the worship to our sanctuary.  Kris and Nathan played music as background for after worship conversation.

We kept the art projects in the art room.   The kids blew bubbles in a Sunday school classroom and we ate in the fellowship hall.

Sometimes it rains and it doesn’t dampen our fun at all. We just adjust and keep on going and laugh a bit at the inconvenience.  



2015 Art Fine Art and Craft Fair 


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2014 picnic and worship at Kuckuk Park 






2014 Peaceful Pallets Art Show 



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Props for Christmas Program and Prayer Shawls for Blue Christmas Service 





Peaceful Palettes Art Exhibit May 2013


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